Patsy Gallian

Expert in Healthcare Compliance

About Patsy Gallian

Patsy Gallian is a highly experienced medical contract professional with specialties in a variety of sub-fields such as medical billing, durable medical equipment, and compliance. With over 25 years in the industry, Patsy has come to be known as an efficient and integral part of the team. She is recently founded and now serves as CEO of Revivify Revenue Cycle Consulting, a full-service healthcare revenue cycle company-built on a strong foundation of values that goes beyond law, and culture that is beyond compliance. Previously, she held other leadership position within the industry including Director of Managed Care and Revenue Cycle at CenseoHealth in Dallas, Texas. Patsy decided to follow a career in the medical industry after the loss of her mother to cancer. She remembers the stress her father felt when dealing with the medical bills and as a result pursued a specialty in this area to help relieve the pressure this process exerts on those impacted by cancer or other medical issues. Throughout the course of her career, Patsy has worked for a number of medical companies/facilities that specialize in cancer treatments and quickly found her niche.

After graduating with a B.S. in Healthcare Management from the Colorado Technical University, Patsy Gallian has increased efficiency and compliance through the creation and implementation of new policies/procedures and data analyses. Early in her career, she began working as Site Administrator for CBIZ Medical Management Professionals where she managed all aspects of the operation and revenue cycle. She quickly established herself as a leader not only in her field but her industry. Patsy reduced the accounts receivable days from 74 to 55 in four months. In her next position as Business Office Manager at the Texas Cancer Associates, Patsy Gallian was responsible for all issue resolutions, improving overall performance and she increased the referral volume by 3%.

Beginning with her new position in 2009 as Senior Revenue Cycle Manager with US Bioservices Specialty Pharmacy, Patsy Gallian added a specialty in compliance to her already impressive repertoire. In conjunction with her medical billing and compliance duties, she accomplished a great deal in the past decade. With US BioServices she managed a $75 million account, performed analyses on trends and margins to develop new plans for improvement, and maintained government purchase orders while ensuring timely and accurate billing. A large part of her responsibilities included staying current with changing regulations, policies/procedures, and healthcare reimbursement standards as well as identifying and analyzing weaknesses in the process so she could formulate a plan to enhance operations and compliance. Patsy has mastered the art of juggling these responsibilities, never misses a step and is continually improving the system to make the process run more smoothly and efficiently for all parties involved. In 2016, Patsy Gallian moved on to become Senior Revenue Cycle Operation Manager at Da Vita Rx where she continued to improve upon and implement new policies/procedures concerning the medical billing process and compliance. After one year, Patsy accepted a position as Director of Revenue Cycle Management at Kroger Specialty Pharmacy and oversaw the daily operations of three specialty pharmacies. She was able to effectively engage her team to meet goals and drive objectives forward swiftly while simultaneously making sure all processes were compliant with regulation after the acquisition of Modern Health by Kroger Corp.

As the Director of Managed Care/Revenue Cycle for CenseoHealth, Patsy Gallian was responsible for developing and executing all aspects of the processes related to billing/collection, compliance and the improvement of patient evaluations. Patsy also assists the legal team with the development and implementation of statements of work to ensure proper reimbursements are carried out. Patsy has developed an irreplaceable work ethic and record of success throughout her career. She has brought a great deal of success to the medical billing and compliance aspects of each company for which she has worked. She is a natural leader and motivator who goes above and beyond to help others and ensure the success of her team and company. Patsy is a member of the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) and in her spare time enjoys spending time with her family, dog included, and loves to travel.

Patsy Gallian is a member of the female empowerment group, Women’s Empowerment Collective. Their slogan is “I’m Possible,” and they strive to develop solutions for women in business by creating a collaborative and supportive network of successful women with whom they can build skills, ideas, and creative solutions. The group strives to develop leaders who can then take their expertise and help other women in the business industry achieve their potential. To learn more about Patsy’s interests, feel free to read her personal blog.


  • Medical Business Office Administration
  • Medical Reimbursement Management
  • Team Development & Leadership
  • Pharmacy Benefits Management
  • Customer Service Management
  • Conflict/Problem Resolution
  • Medical Department Start-up Operations
  • Medical Project/Practice Management
  • Revenue & Referral Enhancement
  • Accounts Receivable & Billing
  • Insurance Claims Processing
  • New Start-up Operations