We’re edging up on flu season again, and while there is a strong debate out there about how effective the flu shot is, or whether or not to get it, the flu shot is a quick and often cheap way to prevent a nasty virus from spreading. There are many debates surrounding vaccines recently, particularly the flu shot. The flu shot is one of the strongest ways to avoid getting the flu and has a high success rate. While it may be tempting to skip this year’s flu shot, here are so important reasons why you should get it.

The Flu changes every year.

Each year, the strain of the flu morphs and adapts to the previous year’s vaccines. Even if you wanted to protect against the same strain of flu, your body’s ability to fight this off diminishes as the year progresses. There are multiple versions of the flu vaccine, and all will do something towards protecting you against the flu. There are different types of flu shots, the inactivated influenza vaccine [IIV], the recombinant influenza vaccine [RIV]. There is also the live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV), which comes in the form of nasal spray. Each vaccine typically protects against three or four strains of the flu.

You might not be affected, but someone you love could be.

While you might not be in the age group that is most affected by the flu, your loved ones could catch the virus from you and get severely ill as a result. Babies and the elderly are more susceptible to getting the flu, and when they do, have more serious consequences. The flu, while a discomfort to most, can be deadly for certain populations.

Your insurance most likely covers it.

As per the Affordable Care Act, insurance is required to cover preventative measures, including vaccines such as the flu shot. While you might have to go to a specific location and receive a shot from your provider who is covered in network, you’ll be covered somewhere. It is fairly easy to find a place to get the flu shot – most drug stores and urgent care facilities will take your insurance, as well as provide quick and simple service to get you your shot.